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Our 7-day Vit~Ra~Tox Cleansing Program

Colon Cleaning

(A $900 value for only $695)

Why Cleanse?

Our level of toxic exposure far outstrips our body's natural elimination mechanisms. Studies indicate that most of us have between 400 and 800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells of our bodies. To stay healthy and strong in this chemical-ridden world, it's essential to help the body increase it's removal of harmful and potentially deadly waste products.

The Solution

Regular effective whole-body detoxification.


Scientists have found that certain tiny water animals, alternately fed one week and starved during their entire life, lived 5 times longer than those that were fed all the time. Moderate fasting should be a routine procedure.

What you will receive during the cleanse:

Vit~Ra~Tox cleanse kit;

Nutritional consultation;

6 colonics;

3 far infrared sauna sessions;

2 conference calls;

Extended hours at the center to accommodate your needs.

* 3 massages (optional, a $240 dollar value for only $150 when purchased with the Vit~Ra~Tox cleanse package)
** Post-cleanse kit (optional, details to be determined on an individual basis)

A $900 value for only $695

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